Value DeFi: Bringing True Value to Decentralized Finance

2 min readFeb 17, 2022

What is Value DeFi?

Value DeFi is a complete solution on the ETH and BSC networks that aims to bring fairness, true value, and innovation to decentralized finance through a suite of high-performing products and services. The protocol operates on four core tenets: increase accessibility to yield farming; provide on-chain voting for governance; reward stakeholders with flexible, optimized, and profitable vault strategies and aggregation services; and protect their community’s funds through the integration of an insurance treasury.

Take a look at some of Value DeFi’s Core Values:

  1. Increase accessibility to yield farming
  2. Provide on-chain voting for governance
  3. Reward stakeholders with flexible, optimized and profitable pool strategies
  4. Protect community’s funds through the integration of an insurance treasury

What can Value DeFi offer to Users?


VALUE is created with a user- centered approach, so the user interface is easy to understand.


Value’s governance model allows no-cost votings that are publicly verified by VALUE holders. Additionally, the model gives incentives to VALUE holders with vETH and vUSD to cover gas costs. Through this governance model, the platform will continue to evolve with the community and for the community.


VALUE utilizes flexible and optimized vault strategies that support small caps tokens/coins. Vault strategies developed by the team will always be delivered without any fees, leaving it to VALUE holders to decide the appropriate parameters.


An insurance treasury, which is supported by contributions from the VALUE DeFi Protocol team and community funds, will be integrated into the platform to further mitigate risks on behalf of all VALUE stakeholders.

To learn more about Value DeFi, visit their whitepaper here.


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