Magic Eden: Home of the Digital Creators

2 min readFeb 19, 2022

Magic Eden, a leading NFT marketplace on Solana, aims to be the destination for discovering, trading, and creating NFTs.

The Launchpad is a Magic Eden product and service that aims to help creators mint their collections without any technical skills beforehand.

Recently, Magic Eden has introduced its launchpad with new improvements and transparent vetting policies.

Web3 means something different to everyone, but for us, it means offering transparency in a fast-moving, evolving environment.

— Magic Eden

Magic Eden’s Listing Fees

Zero. No, really, $0! There are no listing fees on Magic Eden. The only fees are transaction fees and creator royalties. These royalties are set by each creator on the item detail page.

Why Magic Eden?

  • Low gas fees
  • High trading volume
  • Third- ranking NFT market

What’s Next for Magic Eden?

The team is continuously working towards the DAO, which will be segmented by different objectives. This means there may be decentralized voting within communities and more opportunities for the marketplace.


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DeFiDocs is an all-in-one educational platform connecting aspiring DeFi apprentices to the world of DeFi.