Aragon: The Power of Decentralized Communities

2 min readFeb 22, 2022


An open-source software that enables you to create decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on the Ethereum blockchain.

What can I use Aragon for?

Aragon can be used to create a range of products and decentralized communities. For example: clubs, companies, non-profits, and other organizations that collaboratively manage finances and decision-making together.

What does Aragon offer me?

Aragon offers quality tools for creating and participating in DAOs. This ranges from the Aragon Network to the Aragon Court, and everything in between.

What is the Aragon Court?

The Aragon Court is a feature in the Aragon system that enables the arbitration of disputes if in any instance organizations are unable to resolve themselves.

The process of the court is as follows:

  1. Organization escalated dispute to court & complete all fees
  2. Chosen jurors are selected review and rule on the dispute
  3. Anyone can be jurors — as long as they stake ANT tokens, which will then be converted to ANJ.
  4. Majority vote & decision
  5. Option to appeal
  6. If appealed, the dispute will be re-evaluated by a larger pool of jurors.

Note: In order for any appeal to move forward, both parties in dispute must deposit additional collateral.

How does Aragon work?

According to Gemini, each Aragon organization is managed by a smart contract system called aragonOS, which defines the stakeholders of the organization and their rights.

What can Aragon do for my organization?

Organizations may integrate functions such as fundraising, voting, and payments. Any app development may be able to be utilized by the Aragon system.

We believe that the fate of humanity will be decided at the frontier of technological innovation.

— Aragon

The Aragon DAO is committed to building organizational forms that defend self-sovereignty — where a user can always exercise choice, either by participating or exiting. As a team, Aragon focuses on collaborating with other entities to enable them to scale with ease.

Read about Aragon’s manifesto here.


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